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Taking small risks for big
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Best Motivational Speakers

My Future is Behind me delivers potential life-changing motivational speeches by a senior with the goal of helping other seniors. Our unique approach gets seniors to look back at the activities that brought them pleasure when they were younger and then to incorporate them into their future activities. 

What is this about? 

This a personal voyage that details how a senior, Martin Stolzenberg, took “small risks” looking into his past to find long ago interests, and then acted upon them. Once re-initiated, they brought lots of personal satisfaction--today. Martin not only tells his story, but also those of others he knows who have had similar experiences. These examples are all around us, people living out enriched lives because they dared to dip into long ago—sometimes almost forgotten—interests. They gain much pleasure from their recycled interests. As a senior helping seniors, he then goes on to help the audience dig out their past treasures, and make plans to incorporate them into their everyday lives. 

Audiences find him engaging, funny and insightful. Martin realized that others may benefit from his unique approach as a to finding fulfillment as a senior citizen. He has developed a one-session, light hearted seminar that flys by to show others how they can capitalize on their history, called my Future is Behind me. The audience will come away armed with the simple and effective techniques Martin uses to realize his goals. It can lead to attendees to achieving a more vigorous and fulfilling life, armed with the simple and effective techniques Martin uses.

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